“Space Colony” Series Sticker Set


Limited Quantity: Mandala Prism Stickers

Sticker Dimensions: 3″ Diameter

In stock

The “Space Colony” Series comes from 5 experimental original drawings created during September in the year 2014. This series was created to pay homage to the life long influence NASA, Science Fiction Literature, Cinema, and Outer Space cartoons such as Gundam and Robotech had on my artistic ideas and concepts. In so many great stories found throughout the realms of Sci-Fi you see the future of humanity is one found reliant on artificial gravity endlessly spinning in cylindrical arks of life in the depths of outer space existent upon the stars. The designs, shapes, and materials used to create these pins and stickers are meant to represent the spinning motion and mandala type of effect you would witness viewing the rotation of a planet, satellite, or maybe someday an off world “Space Colony” built for housing Earth’s life amongst the cosmos.
“Space Colonies 0079,0080,0081,0082,0083” Sticker Set
Sticker Dimensions: 3″ Diameter 



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