Apocpoet has been a namesake passed down in my family for many years as a way to keep our identity secret and to navigate this ever evolving modern world of technology. The moniker was passed down during the most vital time of my early twenties when I began pursuing my Bachelors degree in history and Masters in education. Assuming the identity of Apocpoet seemed inevitable and the time had finally presented itself. Knowingly entering the public sphere with such abstract themes and concepts that embodies the artwork, It seemed appropriate to carry along the identity and namesake of Apocpoet. As my career in teaching began to grow so did my love and labor for art. The haunting feelings of inspiration and visions of paintings manifesting in my mind and guiding my hands led my career down a different path. From 2015 up till the Fall of 2021 I had the great honor to split my time between working as an avid artist and being a professional musical engineer with Twiddle Music and Mihali Music. Being able to experience so much of the world through music and art continuously filled the wellspring of my imagination and I look forward to sharing the fruits of the labor with this offering of my art, life, and faithful soul. Thank you for your precious time and I humbly hope you enjoy taking a journey into the depths of APOCPOET ART.

With Respect and Love,

Kyle Travis